Terms and Conditions Of Sale


  • The ´customerˇ is the person, or agent of the person, named on the quotation who authorises the work as described to be completed.
  • The ´contractˇ is this document, duly completed, and associated plans, specifications or quotations that are signed, date and attached.


  • Warranty will be covered by original equipment manufacturer as outlined in the manufacturers˙ brochures and documentation.
  • Any misuse by the customer will not be covered by the manufacturers˙ warranty, or Pureair Certification warranty, and repair will be charged at current service rates as advised by Pureair Certification from time to time.
  • Pureair Certification warrants all new installation workmanship for 12 months from the date of installation by Pureair Certification.  All work will be carried out in a professional manner and comply with relevant Australian standards and the requirements of all statutory authorities relating to the work.  All materials and components will be of good quality, suitable for the purpose intended and unless otherwise specified, new.
  • Pureair Certification, to the extent allowed by relevant law, does not make any warranty or condition of any kind, whether express or implied, and specifically disclaims implied warranties or conditions.

Authority to Proceed

  • This quotation is valid for forty-five (45) days.
  • This quotation is an invitation to submit only and will not become a binding contract for work and supply until duly completed by the customer.
  • The customer, by signing the Authority to Proceed, accepts the terms and conditions hereon and agrees to pay all monies as outlined in this contact.  Any variation to the contract shall be agreed in writing and signed by Pureair Certification and the customer.
  • An agent signing for or on behalf of the customer warrants that he/she is duly authorised by the customer to execute this document.
  • Anything to be done by Pureair Certification may be carried out by a Manager, employee or authorised representative of Pureair Certification.
  • Any provision of this contract which shall prove to be invalid, void or illegal shall in no way effect, impair or otherwise invalidate any other provision hereof and such remaining provisions shall remain in full force.
  • This document represents the full and complete agreement between Pureair Certification and the customer.  If any other documents, such as plans, specifications or quotations are to be part of the contract they must be signed by both parties, dated and attached.  All preceding correspondence and communications are replaced by this contract.
  • The headings in this document are for clarity only and do not constitute terms and conditions, implied or otherwise, in this contract.

Existing Installation

    This quotation is given and the work carried out on the basis that the customer covenants and warrants that the existing plumbing and electrical wiring is in good order and condition and in a good state of repair. In the event that the existing plumbing and electrical wiring is not in good order and condition or in good state of repair or not in accordance with the current Gas, Electric and Water authorities˙ requirements, the customer acknowledges that Pureair Certification is under no responsibility whatsoever to repair or replace the same.

  • 15. No responsibility is accepted by Pureair Certification, nor does the quotation include any costs or liability in relation to the replacement, repair or suitability of existing fittings.
  • 16. The work does not include the repair and replacement of any fittings except for that specified in the quotation provided.

Payment and Ownership

  • The customer agrees to pay the price stated hereon for the work done and materials and equipment supplied.
  • Except if specified, the balance of the total contract price, less any deposit paid, will be payable immediately upon completion of the work and commissioning of the equipment.
  • If the customer fails to make payment due under the contract or denies access to the site to Pureair Certification to prevent work from proceeding, Pureair Certification may issue a written notice requiring the customer to remedy the default within 5 working days. If the default is not remedied Pureair Certification may terminate the contract and may remove all goods and materials, installed or partially installed and plant and equipment from the site. Liability for any reparation of the site or damage caused in the process of removing goods and materials, plant and equipment will not be borne by Pureair Certification.
  • Ownership of goods and materials supplied pass to the customer upon full and complete payment of all monies in consideration of this contract. Security for goods and materials delivered to site is the responsibility of the customer from the time that the goods and equipment are delivered.
  • Where Pureair Certification provides design or technical details and any proprietary information as part of or in support of a quotation or tender such information may not be used or passed to a third party without the express written permission of Pureair Certification.

General Conditions

  • General conditions Pureair Certification has not included in this proposal are:
    • Work outside normal hours (8.00am to 4.30om) Monday to Friday.
    • The supply and installation of items not mentioned in the scope of works.
    • Any electrical work other than as specified.
    • Any plumbing work.
    • Replacement or cutting of ceiling tiles other than as specified.
    • Any building works
    • Any painting, being decorative or otherwise other than as specified.
    • Warranty on any items not replaced as part of this project.
  • Access to site:
    • Pureair Certification expects clear access and safe work areas for our qualified staff to carry out the work necessary to complete this project.
    • Any delays, refusal of access to our staff or changes to the criteria this proposal is based on would constitute a variation to the project.
    • On-site parking is required and if unavailable will constitute a variation and as such be charged at cost.
All the info contained on this site is owned by Pureair certification Pty Ltd and may not be reproduced in part or full without the written permission of Pureair Certification Pty Ltd