Conditions Of Sale

This quotation will remain valid for forty-five (45) days and contains the following inclusions:

  • Work inside normal hours (8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).
  • The installation of the items mentioned in the scope of works.
  • Manufacturers warranty on all new parts installed as part of this project.

However, Pureair Certification has not included in this proposal the following:

  • Work outside normal hours (8.30am to 5.00pm) Monday to Friday).
  • The supply and installation of items not mentioned in the scope of works.
  • Repair of installations to overcome excessive leakage.
  • Delivery of filters to immediate installation areas.
  • The removal of spent filters from site.
  • Installation of feed ports for the introduction of filter challenge.
  • The cleaning of return air grilles or filters.
  • Any building works.
  • Warranty on any items not replaced as part of this project.

Pureair Certification expects clear access and safe work areas for our qualified staff to carry out the works necessary to complete this project in a tradesmanlike manner.

Any delays, refusal of access to our staff or changes to the criteria this proposal is based on, will constitute a variation. The variation will be explained and costed on a written quotation, an order extending the project value by the variation amount will be required before the work on that variation can take place.

All the info contained on this site is owned by Pureair certification Pty Ltd and may not be reproduced in part or full without the written permission of Pureair Certification Pty Ltd